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Microsoft word is one of the critical application of Microsoft Office. You can download free online Word templates or can create your documents speedily and efficiently like business cards, calendar, eBooks, templates, brochures, forms, resume, letters, and newsletters. Microsoft Word plays an essential part in the documentation of both our professional and educational life. It is a powerful and proven application software, developed by Microsoft Inc. With the help of free online word templates, you can create your workplace or educational documents very quickly. If you find any error while using Microsoft Word 2013, 2016 and other versions, feel free call us at toll-free Microsoft word support number 1-800-313-3590 and get an instant solution from the technical support team. Our primary goal as Microsoft Word Download Free team is customer satisfaction. We are trying our best to achieve this goal. If you want to make your complicated things easier like simple document creation, graphical documentation and many more, then free download and install Microsoft Word online templates.


Microsoft Word for Windows:

As a part of the MS Office suite, you can try Microsoft Word software for Windows as a standalone application. The first 32-bit version of the Microsoft Word for Windows NT is Word 6. Microsoft Office released it for Windows NT and also for Windows 95. After that, Word 2010 came in the market with the many new features like a backstage view for file management, allows creation and embedding of screenshots, integrates with Word Web App, allows more customization of the Ribbon, improved document navigation and much more. To check the functionality of the MS word, you can freely install and download online word templates. There are many errors which we get while using Microsoft Word like nonfunctioning of add-ins, Word crashes as soon as opens, not checking your spelling or grammar error and much more, call Microsoft Word support number and get a unique solution from our Microsoft Word online help number team. You can call us at our toll-free number 1-800-313-3590.

Microsoft Word for Android:

Microsoft Word for Android is an exclusive app that lets you view, create and edit any document anywhere at any time on your Android devices. The Microsoft Word App has a familiar look which gives you fantastic productivity experience if you want to read a document or make some editing in it. Moreover, you can download free online Word templates on your device. It also helps to create an excellent document on devices with a screen size of 10.1 inches or less. The Microsoft Word App works very smoothly. No matter, you're using laptop, tablets or smartphones. Make sure; you'll never disappoint with an exclusive app. You can free download and install a full version of Microsoft Word 2010, 2013, 2016, etc. If you want technical help to resolve your issues regarding, installation, configuration, feature working, etc., dial Microsoft word support phone number 1-800-313-3590. We’re available round the clock to aid you.

Microsoft Word for iOS Devices:

Microsoft Word application software is compatible with all operating systems. No matter what device you're using like windows system, Mac, Android phones or iOS devices. MS word for iOS devices is the powerful and feature-rich based word processor which allow you to examine and edit word documents. To free download Microsoft Word application on iPhone and iPad, you can get the link on app's official iTunes page. It may ask you to contain in-app purchases or additional permissions. In case you are unable to download the link or have any other queries, then contact with Microsoft Word Download Free that is 1-800-313-3590.

Microsoft Word for Mac:

Microsoft formed Macintosh Business Unit in 1997, which focused on developing reliable writing software for Mac OS only. The first version of Microsoft Word for Mac was Word 98 which released with Office 98 Macintosh Edition by Microsoft. It included similar features from Word 97 for Windows or Word 5 for Mac OS like choose menus and keyboard shortcuts, checking spells and grammar with squiggles and more. The next version of Word for Mac, Word 2001 was released in 2000 with some additional features including Clipboard which allowed copy and paste the function into multiple items.
For Mac users, Microsoft released word 2004 for Mac in May 2004. It included more advanced features like tracking changes, Notebook Layout view by typing or by voice and much more. Word 2008 was published on January 15, 2008, and the latest version is Word 2011. Word 2011 replaced the elementary gallery and included a full-screen mode that allows Mac users to concentrate on reading and writing documents. If you find any difficulty or issues in the functionality of Microsoft Word software, then contact at toll-free Microsoft Word Support Number 1-800-313-3590. We are 24x7 available to assist you with valid solutions.

Features of Microsoft Word

Templates: Microsoft Word allows a user to create their formatting templates in which title, heading, paragraphs and some more element designs can be used. The functionality makes them different from standard Word templates. If you find any difficulty in using word templates, call us at Microsoft Word support number 1-800-313-3590. Additionally, get free support to download and install online word templates.
WordArt: WordArt allows a user to draw the text in a Word document like the watermark, title or other text with graphical effects. These effects include rotating, shadowing, skewing in different colors and shapes and also comprises three-dimensional effects. Besides of these, offers some formatting effects such as bevel, reflection, glow and dim as swiftly and efficiently as applying underline or bold.
Macros: Additional features of Microsoft Word are developed to save your time, efforts and speed up your work as well. Macros are one of them which used to avoid the particular type of repetitive tasks like sequences of keystrokes and mouse movements that can be automated. A Macro is a series of instructions that you bring together to perform a function automatically. To know more about the functionality of this feature, dial Microsoft Word support number 1-800-313-3590.
Bullets and Numbering: Microsoft Word offers bullets and numbering which allow a user to do work more efficiently. Its numbering features enable adding correct numbers to chapters, headers, pages, footnotes and much more. These numbers change automatically whenever a new item is added or deleted. Bullets can be applied directly to paragraphs to convert them into lists.
Inserting Header and Footer: It's essential to use header and footer in a document to manage the space in the other areas. Additionally, providing a professional look at your document. A header is a text emerging at the top of document and footer is appearing bottom of the document. In this area, you can insert page numbers, company logo or image that will automatically apply to the whole documents.
Find & Replace: Save your precious time by using the useful feature of Microsoft Word. Now, you can quickly search and replace the word throughout the document by using find & replace function. It can search for all appearance of a particular word or set of characters and replace them with the correct or alternative word. By clicking the Replace All button, you'll find all occurrences of the word and succeed in the entire document or the selected area.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Answer: This error is a known and standard error message of MS Word. You are getting this error as you did not fill the first fields and username in the Word options.

  • Answer: You need to launch Microsoft Word and add the initials and username to the Word dialog box. You can quickly do this by clicking the Microsoft Office button and after that click on the Word options and then you can fill your initials and username under your personalized copy of MS Office. Click on OK to resolve the error. If your problem persists, call us at toll-free Microsoft word support number 1-800-313-3590 and get the best experience around the country.

  • Answer: You can solve this error by merely following straightforward steps. First of all select your text by pressing Ctrl+A, after that click on the Review Tab. You can see the language option, click on it and set proofing language. Now just uncheck the “Do not check spelling or grammar” and “Detect language automatically” boxes. These steps only work for 2007 and 2010 versions of Microsoft Word. For any issue, call Microsoft Word helpline number 1-800-313-3590 and get a solution as soon as possible.

  • Answer: If you are not able to find your Save as DAISY menu in the office menu, you need to check the Add-ins tab. If still, you are not able to see Save as DAISY menu, then either the add-in is not installed, or not configured correctly. If you need any help or have any query related software, then contact us at Microsoft Word Support Number 1-800-313-3590.

  • Answer: Your Microsoft Word crashes due to the corruption of your word templates. To verify this, you can start Word without loading your templates and add-ins. If the problem persists without any delay, contact Microsoft Word support number, i.e., 1-800-313-3590 and get a definite solution within few minutes. Moreover, our diligent technicians also help you to free download and install online word templates.

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